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Adultfriendfinderfreelivecams later resorts to molding her mammoth ass with his palms.

They begin their romp, much the same as the couples that came before. The only difference is that Jack goes right into hardcore action, almost from the start, by squeezing Kelly’s pretty feet together to jerk off his cock! Adultfriendfinderfreelivecams later resorts to molding her mammoth ass with his palms, sticking his fingers into her asshole at every opportunity. “It’s my job to loosen you up,” he con-tinues, rubbingThis cock against her curvy crack.

Now ready to take things to the next level, Kelly rolls onto her back and yanks him into missionary position by tugging on his tank top. “My pussy needs a special dose of TLC,” she purrs, grab­bing the side of his hips to help him hump her. Looking like a winduptoy, Jack’s waist is rocking back and forth, maintaining a rhythmic pace, until Kelly releases her first orgasm. “Oh yes, yes, yes!” she screams, creaming the sheets with dollops of her pussy pulp. They continue for several more minutes, ending their scene in a healthy cum bath that covers Kelly from top to bottom!

Last but certainly not least, Emma Mae is primed up and ready to go in the final scene of the movie, after Evan Stone works her up quite nicely.

Treating her with a bit more finesse, than usual, Evan eases his fingers into her holes, rather than jabbing them inside. “Oh, that’s nice,” she giggles, releasing slashes of her sweet juice over his fingers.

Obviously enamored by her beauty and sexy tattoos, Evan takes it upon himself to sample her goodies from top to bottom. He begins his mission by locking his mouth between her legs for a suck and slurp session. Hitting her just right, Emma’s clit swells to the size of a grape and her chest reddens as Evan brings her to orgasm. With the sound of Evan’s teeth banging against her pussy pierc­ings, the crewmembers, including Powers, go wild! “That is so damn hot,” Powers charges, urging Evan to transition intc their first position.

With a solid understanding of Emma’s hot spots, Evan fucks her at will, making her cum in each position he contorts her into. As his blonde play­thing exhausts her final bits of energy, Adultfriendfinderfreelivecams unloads his power pellets into her pussy for a cream pie surprise we never saw coming!

Wrapping the day with a smile on his face, Powers thanks the cast and crew and happily walks off set. Leaving us all in a state of lustful longing, we all rush to our cars in a heated attempt at locating a 24-hour massage parlor, A.S.A.P. With “happy endings” as sweet as these, can you blame us?