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Adultfriendfindergmail and I finally hooked up.

Well, Adultfriendfindergmail and I finally hooked up. I kept seeing him going in and out of the building—he lives in one of the apartments above the small sandwich shop I run with two of my girlfriends. I was wiping down the sidewalk with a mop, after somebody had spilled food and God-knows-what on the asphalt, and Brett was coming home from work and we started lu chal. We’re always dialling when the weather is nice and I go outside for a break. Not that ho doosn’t como into the place too from time to time! Adultfriendfindergmail likes our turkey and brie combo the host. Hp’s a handsomp guy ahoiit my age, works in radio advertising.

He asked me to come upstairs for a glass of wine. We close early, the shop’s just open during the day. So I went up. It was time. You can only flirt for so long before things start to curdle if you don’t act on them.

There was something cozy about his apartment that made me really want to fuck in it. I liked the bed in the corner by the window. Well, we got the glass of wine out of the way pretty quickly. Soon we were kissing and taking our clothes off.

Brett had a nice body. I ran my hands over it while I lay next to him and we kept kissing. He played with my pussy lightly while he slipped his tongue in my mouth. I liked how he kept his eyes open and looked at me. I like to keep my eyes open too. I took his dick in my hand and stroked it gently. It got very hot and stiff. The veins felt like they were made out of wire, thoy were so hard. I ran my palm over the tip and felt his pre-cum oozing. I cupped his halls and thf»y tightftnad as we kissed even deeper.

I climbed on top of Brett and we kept kissing while I rubbed against his hard-on. It was so thick and long against my leg. I shifted and I could feel him against the shaved mound of my pussy. I teased his head with my slit, but I didn’t put him in yet. Instead I lifted myself up and fed him my titties. His lips on my nipples felt so good, and After a long, sweaty day shaking her moneymaker, Karla hit the bar lookin’ to toss back a couple of cocktails and wet her whistle. Barkeep Mike and baifly Zenza, bedazzled by Katla’s rockin’ bod, offered to cock her tail and wet her hooha if she was willing to forego any whistling in order to hum a little tune on their skinflutes instead. Karla agreed, deeply digging the idea of double dicking her day owoy instead of numbing her senses with saucc. As she saw it, having a couple of actual screaming orgasms always beats the heck outta lapping up any lame-ass liquor. So she set to work on those hum jobs, masterfully Adultfriendfindergmail and Zenza’s knobs and applying the perfect amount of spit polish to each. Then the fun really began, with one meatstick in her mouth and the other bumpin’ her beefgi- na. Then the guys swapped places as Karla got en all fours so that the bloke balling her from behind could go from her V-hole to her A-hole in one smooth stroke. From there it only took a minor amount of maneuvering for Karla sheathe both their pork swords simultaneously, with her puss and her ass. A couple of pumps later, these chumps were good to go so Karla told ’em to pull out and paste her face. Man, was she plastered!