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Usually that gets so hot that I finally have to start rub­bing his Adultfriendfinderialia so I can get it read for entry.

Yes, I am controlling but rest assured that by having sex in this way, not only do I have the best possible time, but so does the man.

We’ll sit cross-legged in front of each other on the bed and he will bend his head down and suck on my nipples while I stroke his erection. The bit of distance between us when we’re sitting this way is very exciting to me. We’re both presenting what is especially erotic about us—me, my breasts, and him, his stiff penis—but we’re still not joined together. Waiting makes a hard man grow harder, that’s what I’ve learned.

The way I like to have full Adultfriendfinderialia is with the man behind me. Strange maybe, since I like him in front of me all the rest of the time. But that’s the way I am— I like the spoon style so that he can reach around from behind and play with my bust while his erection is squeezed between my upper thighs. I like the sensa­tion of his hands playing with my nipples and squeezing my bosom while his stiffness moves back and forth in the space between my thighs. I’ll play with my clitoris at the same time and go into a kind ot dreamy state. I like tc feel his breath against the back of my neck while he’s aching to put himself inside me fully and not just rub it between my legs.

Finally when we’re both total­ly ready, I’ll lay down on my stomach because I like the feel­ing of my bust smushed against the mattress, and I’ll have my man put his shaft into me from behind. My nipples will rub against the fabric of the sheets and get really hard and I will feel my man pulling up my behind so he can get the best angle on my vagina. Yes, this is exactly the way I like to be Adultfriendfinderialia. Strange, isn’t it, that a female as obsessed with her breasts as I am should prefer doggie style? But when my man is finally ready to climax, which I only allow when I am near to orgasming myself, I order him to pull out and spray his stuff all over my breasts. That is the best feeling. All I have to do then is touch my button and I explode!